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About ValGroup organisation - a nationwide network of Property Valuers


ValGroup has built up a network of local
property specialists.

Who are we
Ted Fitzgerald ValGroup

Ted Fitzgerald

Who are we

ValGroup is a network of independent Valuation practices located throughout New Zealand.

The group has been operating since 1986 when it was originally set up by Ted Fitzgerald, Derek Barratt- Boyes and Rodney Jefferies who recognised the benefits of ‘strength in numbers'.  

Therefore, they set about setting up a group of independent valuation practices that saw the benefits of this ethos, allowing member firms to maintain their individual local brand identity while enjoying the benefits of being part of a larger network.  


The ValGroup model has been set up based on the rationale that each region only has one member firm. Therefore, as members are not competing in the same market place a high trust model has evolved enabling members to share ideas, business processes and where possible resources.

Wher are we

Where are we

ValGroup is an umbrella organisation with a network of independent Registered Valuers and Property Consultants throughout New Zealand

About ValGroup organisation - a nationwide network of Property Valuers
What do we do

What do we Do

We Value New Zealand.


Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Lifestyle, Rural, Chattels, Consultancy.......... and more, ValGroup has a Registered Valuer that can assist you.

All the member offices are owned and operated by locals and therefore ValGroup has built up a nationwide network of local property specialists.  Our local experts understand the intimacies of their market places but also have the added benefit of belonging to a nationwide group that provides knowledge and data when it comes to more unique and specialist property types.

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